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Infancy and early childhood are the most impressionable stages of a child's life and the time when intervention can be the most effective. The importance of "Starting Early" for typically developing children and children with special needs cannot be overstated. Utilizing best practices, Starting Early provides superior educational experiences and therapeutic services for children (birth to five).


The Starting Early Program prepares children under the age of five years for a successful kindergarten experience. All education programs are based on the science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The Starting Early Program incorporates Activity Based Intervention, discrete trial instruction and incidental teaching.

Progress is monitored by analyzing data collected by the child’s educational team. This data helps us to modify the child’s education program daily. We can then be assured that the child is acquiring the necessary skills for future application across multiple environments. Behaviors that interfere with learning are addressed by functional behavior assessment and positive behavior supports.

All Starting Early Program staff members complete DDI’s standardized training in the principles of ABA and receive ongoing supervision and training to ensure teaching strategies and behavioral support plans are implemented effectively.We are proud to say that most students will move on to attend kindergarten in their home school district.

"The Best Start is an Early Start."