Activity-Based Intervention


The philosophy of Activity-Based Intervention (ABI) is to embed learning opportunities throughout the day that are routine, planned, and child-initiated. Routine activities are those that naturally occur such as arrival, meal time, etc. Planned activities are those that would not happen without adult direction such as art activities, going to the playground, etc. Child-Initiated activities are those that children are naturally interested in and do on their own such as building with blocks, creating make-believe skits with dress up clothes, etc.


Math Their Way


MTW is an activity-centered, child-centered, manipulative math program in which children learn through the 5 senses. Activities help children develop an understanding of free exploration, patterning, classifying, counting, comparing, graphing, and number skills. Math Their Way is hands on and interactive!!


Pre-Read: An Integrated Emergent Literacy Program


Our research based literacy program includes language enrichment, print awareness, and phonological awareness. Parents are provided with a monthly newsletter identifying the targeted books for the month as well as the skills being addressed during that period of time. Language Enrichment is developed by shared book reading. Children learn concepts, vocabulary, expansion of reading discussions, and more. Print Awareness activities are embedded throughout the day as children learn the relationship between written and oral language. Phonological Awareness teaches children that letters make sounds, sounds make words, and words make sentences. PreRead is a comprehensive literacy program that children love and families rave about.


Get Set For School


GSFS, the preschool adaptation of Handwriting Without Tears, is a structured way of building a foundation of handwriting readinessin children. GSFS encompasses foundation skills for successful handwriting skill acquisition and optimal learning experiences in all domains:

Playing and Singing





Visual Perception



Sports, Play & Active Recreation for Kids!!


SPARK activities are active and promote physical activity in ways that are creative and fun! Activities focus on movement readiness, rhythm, balance, creative expression, general coordination, body and spatial awareness, gross motor coordination, rates of movement, hand-eye and foot-eye coordination, throwing/catching accuracy, strength, endurance, and more!!!! It is fun, dynamic, and engaging for every child!!

Promotes a lifetime of health and fitness.