The Center for Autism supports all children with ASD across all Early Childhood Learning Centers and is committed to providing state-of-the-art, empirically based teaching methodologies to help children gain the skills necessary to be successful in their home, community, and school settings. 


Our intensive ABA classes are offered across all Early Childhood Learning Centers with services available 12 months per year. The shared goal is to prepare our students for kindergarten by providing a high-quality, intensive learning experience. Team members provide a transdisciplinary approach to learning where the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis are incorporated into the child’s day.  The child’s individual needs are met through providing ongoing formal and informal assessments, consistent implementation of methodologies in all skill areas, positive behavior supports and differentiated instruction.  


Students meeting prerequisite social, academic, behavioral and language skills are integrated into less restrictive onsite settings.  This experience provides our students with an opportunity to generalize skills and begin to develop the ability to learn from their typically developing peers in a more natural educational setting. 


Our students’ parents receive hands-on parent training where they learn to teach their child so that they may be able to continue their child’s education at home and generalize and reinforce skills learned at school.  The program also provides family trainings that teach the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis in order to give families a better theoretical understanding of how their child learns. 


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