We are proud to announce DDI’s Spring 2015 Film Forum!DDI staff and the entire community of movie lovers can look forward to more topical, engaging, award winning films than ever!  Each film deals with the challenges of facing life with a disability.  The season’s offerings will include some shorts and foreign language entries.  Presentations are, as always, FREE and will be held on the last Thursday of each month in the Smithtown Hollywood Drive Lecture Hall from 7 to 9pm.


Following each film, a discussion will be facilitated by the person(s) who recommended it to the forum. Film themes will cover issues of first time independence, devastating misdiagnosis, abandonment, isolation and transcendence.


The goal remains the same: to provide entertainment and information while exploring issues faced by individuals with disabilities.

*** Refreshments will be served.


Our first 6 selections ( with trailers) are as follows:


1/29: The Station AgentThe Station Agent Trailer

2/26My Flesh and Blood My Flesh and Blood Trailer

3/26: Refrigerator MothersRefrigerator Mothers Trailer

4:30 Wretches and JabberersWretches and Jabberers Trailer

5/28The Collector of Bedford Street The Collector of Bedford Street Trailer

6/25The Color of Paradise The Color of Paradise Trailer


A synopsis for each of the above films can be found (along with films planned for the latter part of 2015) in the attached overview.  Films are indexed alphabetically.



* Please call Dr. Michael Romas at 631-366-5875 for a detailed description of each film - and be sure to RSVP.