Two ladies standing in front of Tower Garden

Developmental Disabilities Institute’s Children’s Residential Program got started with the set-up of the first Tower Garden at the Plymouth House this past week. 


Stacey, the Tower Garden representative, graciously came to the house to help get the system assembled and the beginning seeds planted.


As she spoke, the staff got step-by-step instructions and began the process by planting the very first seeds. Lettuce, tomatoes, and basil were among the treats selected for harvesting.











Four pictures of people putting together Tower Garden


The children were intrigued by the tower and got a chance to check out the seed cups and seeds.


Two ladies talking about Tower Garden


In approximately four weeks it will be time to transfer the growing vegetables, fruits, and herbs to the Tower Garden and watch as the sprouts flourish. We are so excited for this wonderful opportunity and would like to give special thanks to Stacey from Tower Garden for all of her assistance and support.  


Tower Garden Committee