DDI van wrapped in recruitment advertisement


As part of DDI’s on-going efforts to attract new prospective staff, the workforce development committee came together to create a solution.


The solution had multiple objectives.


The first was to create something that was large and very noticeable. An additional part was to utilize actual staff. The last, but most important part, was that whatever was created, had to be inexpensive.


During a committee brainstorming session, the vehicle wrap idea was established. Shortly after the mental creation of the wrap, the “Courier Vehicle,” which delivers the agency’s inter-office mail, was picked for the job. It was the logical choice because it travels all over the island.


A global email was then sent out requesting photos from male and female staff that would be interested in being part of a recruitment campaign. And the DDI Model Search was born.


Between the photo shoot, photo selection, design and numerous samples, it was an exhausting endeavor but with the help of secret weapons Kevin Kempster, Lead Driver/Graphic Designer and Louis Wilson, Transportation Manager/Expeditor, the thought became a reality.


It is our hope that this van will be used for recruiting and advertisement for a long time to come.


Special thanks to all those involved in the project. And an extra special thank you to Pep Boys, Abilities Unlimited of New York Inc., and On the Spot Auto Glass Inc. for their charitable sponsorship of the vehicle’s wrap.


Generosity, teamwork, and support has turned this roundtable idea into a great success!