DDI is pleased to announce that the Young Autism Program (YAP) and Starting Early Preschool (SEP) are coming together under one umbrella of Early Childhood Services that will include an Early Childhood Center for Autism. 

starting early cover

We’re excited to be bringing these programs together in order to ensure that children receiving Early Childhood Services at all DDI Early Childhood Learning Centers will have access to a continuum of classroom models including integrated classes at all of our locations in order to meet each child’s unique needs. Services provided will continue to be evidence based, best practice and consistent across all sites.


While the YAP and Starting Early names have been synonymous with DDI for many years, we’ll be rebranding all of our Early Childhood Services under that one name to better reflect who we are today.  All of the services offered to children with ASD will be coordinated by DDI’s Early Childhood Center for Autism which utilizes the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and ensures that all services are state of the art, based on current research.


Dr. Linda Whitaker Hobbs, who currently provides leadership to Starting Early, will be the Director of Early Childhood Services.  The Early Childhood Center for Autism will be under the direction of Christine Racca, who currently provides leadership to YAP.


We look forward to sharing additional information with you about our Early Childhood Services in the weeks to come. As we continue to evolve and grow, we are excited to partner with you to provide an exceptional educational experience for all children.