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To show support for Heart Awareness Month observed in February, Developmental Disabilities Institute (DDI), the leading service provider on Long Island for children and adults with autism, invited staff and family members to participate in the American Heart Association's “Little Hats, Big Hearts” program. This program aims to collect handmade crochet and knit red hats for babies born in February to inspire a heart-healthy lifestyle.


While this is an amazing outreach opportunity, there is something just a little extra behind this project. One of the students wanted to get involved as well.


Meet Elisabeth.


She is a warm, outgoing young lady that lights up any room she enters. Her enthusiasm and determination to master the craft of knitting are infectious. She is so proud to be a part of the project and says that the hats created will be worn “to keep the baby’s head nice and toasty.” Elisabeth is looking forward to teaching others how to knit and has already received several requests for lessons.


“What’s really impressive is the first row that I had her do – she had it after one row. It didn’t take her long to learn at all,” commented Leslie Popko, Clinical Coordinator of Speech at DDI and also Elisabeth’s knitting teacher.


DDI has received over 170 handmade hats to be donated to this special initiative. With Elisabeth’s help, now there will be even more participants to work up little hats for big hearts.