DDI recognizes that one size does not fit all when supporting individuals with developmental disabilities. The agency offers a wide array of services and supports through programs designed to meet the individual’s unique needs along his/her lifetime. Most of the agency’s 35 plus sites are located in central and eastern Suffolk County, dispersed to provide services within the communities in which our families reside.  A spectrum of programs is available to address each individual’s needs for supports as s/he learns new life skills, explores vocational interests, develops new social relationships and experiences various stages of life. DDI also offers programs that specifically target the changing needs of families and caregivers as an individual with developmental disabilities ages within the family unit.



Primary Services/Programs include:

o   Young Autism Program - The Young Autism Program (YAP) provides early intervention and preschool special educational services to children at two schools in Ronkonkoma and Medford. Staff deploys state-of-the-art, empirically based teaching methodologies to help children gain the skills necessary to be successful in their home, community and school settings.

o   Starting Early Program – The Starting Early Program provides early intervention, preschool educational services and related services to children with disabilities as well as a stimulating, educational program for typically developing children in DDI schools located in Huntington and Ronkonkoma.

o   Children’s Day Program - The Children’s Day Program (CDP) provides educational services to 222 students in its Huntington and Smithtown school buildings. The educational approach is driven by the empirically documented methods of Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Behavior Support and strives to teach skills that promote autonomy, social relationships, functional life skills, self-determination, health, safety, and academic achievement.

o   Children’s Residential Program –The Children’s Residential Program provides individualized education to children between ages 5 to 21 whose needs exceed what can be addressed by typical special education services. Forty-one students in four residences receive highly specialized intervention that is designed to improve functioning in areas that may otherwise restrict their participation in typical activities and environments.

o   Adult Day Habilitation Programs – Habilitative services are provided to approximately 500 adults with developmental disabilities on a daily basis at seven Adult Day locations and in the communities of Suffolk County.  Daily activities are provided based on service plans, developed by each individual’s team, that focus on increased self-esteem and improved relationships with other people, development of new skills and community participation.

o   Vocational Services - DDI offers a wide array of employment, work exposure and training opportunities for individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities including Intensive Supported Employment Services, Extended Supported Employment and Pre-Vocational Services.

o   Individualized Residential Alternatives – Adult Residential Services provides community living opportunities for people with autism and other developmental disabilities over the age of 21 throughout Nassau and Suffolk counties on Long Island. These community-based homes provide the opportunity for individuals with developmental disabilities to live as independently as possible and become integral community members, neighbors, co-workers, and volunteers.