Developmental Disabilities Institute is committed to evidenced based practices and encourages its staff, and students/faculty from outside educational and provider organizations, to conduct research at our agency. Research projects must be approved by the Research Review Committee (RRC)before they can be initiated, and follow all HIPAA privacy laws.


Persons interested in doing research at DDI should contact the RRC Chairperson, Dr. Kim James (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for information about the approval process. The Chairperson will mail the Primary Investigator the DDI Research Proposal Outline and will be available to answer any questions about the submission and review process. The Primary Investigator will submit a formal proposal to the RRC Chairperson, using the DDI Research Proposal Outline. The RRC Chairperson will distribute the proposal to Committee members for an initial screening review. If the committee determines that a research project is not appropriate for DDI, the Primary Investigator will be notified. If the project is potentially appropriate for our organization, the Chairperson will contact the Primary Investigator to schedule a proposal meeting with the Committee.

At the review meeting, the Primary Investigator will present and overview of the proposed study followed by a Question and Answer opportunity. The presentation must include the opportunity for the RRC to review all relevant materials (e.g., questionnaires, video of procedures, consent forms). Following the presentation and review, the RRC will make one of the following decisions. The decision will be documented and given to the Primary Investigator:

  1. Full Approval: The proposal is approved in its current form, including any suggestions made during the meeting. Once the study is initiated, the Primary Investigator will be required to provide progress reports to the Chairperson on a bi-annual basis.
  2. Approval Pending Revision: Proposal is provisionally approved. The RRC has stipulated that specific revisions must be made before the study can be initiated. Once the revisions have been made, the proposal is re-submitted to the RRC Chairperson for final committee approval. Once the study is initiated, the Primary Investigator will provide bi-annual reports to the Chairperson.
  3. Approval Denied: When the RRC determines that the revisions necessary are too extensive or that the project is inappropriate for DDI, the proposal will be denied. In cases where extensive revisions are necessary, the Primary Investigator will be informed that the proposal may be re-submitted at a later date once it has been revised. Re-submitting the revised proposal will require a formal review.