DDI's Children’s Residential Program (CRP) provides individualized education to children between ages eight to 17 whose needs exceed what can be addressed by typical special education services.

Children live in home-like units serving 10-11 children each with living room, dining room and either single or double bedrooms. The school’s recreation facilities are used in the evenings and on weekends and small group trips into the community occur daily.

Forty-one students in four residences receive highly specialized intervention that is designed to improve functioning in areas that may otherwise restrict their participation in typical activities and environments. An interdisciplinary team of professional staff and parents together carefully monitor each child's growth with the objective of returning that student to his or her natural home and school, or other less restrictive alternative at the optimal time.

Residence life reflects progressively more complex activities of community living. Instructional objectives selected for each student anticipate what will be expected of them in targeted “next” living and working environments. Students are taught based upon principles of applied behavior analysis and positive behavioral support while allowances are made for differences in how each child learns.
The Children’s Residential Program will consider for placement children who are referred to DDI by the N.Y.S. Education Department and Committees on Special Education.

For more information please contact:

Linda B. Eisman-Cadel, Director of Children’s Residential Program - (631) 366-2954
Pat Mancuso, Administrative Assistant of Children’s Residential Program - (631) 366-2912
Kathy Troscher, Administrative Assistant of Children’s Residential Program - (631) 366-2968