The DDI Self Advocacy Group has more than 90 members from DDI’s Day and Vocational programs.  Its membership has grown steadily since the group started in 2003 and so has the scope of their projects and their accomplishments. Each Adult Day program site at DDI has its own Self Advocacy Group that meets monthly with staff. Each quarter these groups come together to meet jointly and sometimes with special invited guests including DDI’s Executive Management, Self Advocacy Association of NY and representatives from the Suffolk Board of Elections. Advocates have given presentations to advocates across Long Island to community members, other advocates, parents, professionals and Government officials.


The DDI Self Advocates participate in events, meetings and conferences organized by the Self Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS). Our Self Advocates have participated in Annual Statewide and Long Island Regional Self Advocacy Conferences as well as other regional events. SANYS has recognized DDI’s advocacy group in several ways over the years as “Self Advocacy Group of the Year” in 2009, “Advisor of the Year” in 2010 and in 2012. One of our staff was also awarded "DSP of the Year" in 2016. DDI was recognized for supporting the launching of the SANYS U Program.


For more information contact: Chris Borak, Assistant Director for Adult Day Services - 631-870-6061.