At DDI we emphasize the importance of starting early, nurturing communication and stimulating learning skills and we support ongoing interaction with typically developing peers. We are proud to say that many of our students move directly into public education at an early age. If needed, others can continue their education and skill training under our guidance.

As with all students, transition from high school level to adulthood is a critical phase for them as well as their parents. DDI provides vocational and other training options, as well as the opportunity to mature independently in group residential surroundings. Students may also have the satisfaction of experiencing higher education with the potential of earning a college degree. As our residents mature, issues of housing, health care, and social skills are addressed and maintained into their senior years.

The future is bright for those with developmental disabilities. DDI is committed to expanding our education, training and residential services, creating greater social and cultural opportunities, and continuing to educate the public, communities and government officials about the rewards of this important work.