DDI Transpoprtation


DDI’s Transportation Services Department was created over 30 years ago in response to a need for a system that ensured the safe, reliable transportation of the people we serve.


The Transportation Department has had great success in developing programs designed to speak to the needs of all individuals - even the most challenging. While this is a struggle for some, our experience has taught us that by collaborating with not only the staff that have every day contact with the individuals, but also with parents/guardians and those who are part of the team ensuring the overall care of each individual, we can achieve consistent and successful transport of any individual.  We have had great success where others have failed and we continue to be a “driving” force in the transportation of all individuals. At one point, we grew to become one of the largest transporters of the developmentally disabled population on Long island.  


We our fleet of over 200 updated, well maintained and updated vehicles as well as our well trained, certified and caring staff to concentrate on our DDI individuals and specialized transports when an agency or school district has a need for our services.    

For more information, please call
Andrew Brathwaite, Director of Transportation.
(631) 360-4729