"We were amazed to see all the different activities that my daughter and her classmates were exposed to; ranging from numbers, alphabet, weather, crafts, the computer and my daughters favorite songs and nursery rhymes. Our daughter is non verbal, but she now loves books, she recognizes her letters and numbers, her attention span has increased and she listens to multiple step commands. We are truly amazed at her progress" --- Jenn and John L., Parents of a Preschooler with a Disability


"As an educator and working mother, I am grateful for the opportunity to have my child attend the Starting Early Preschool. The classroom structure, curriculum based instruction and amazing staff made my choice easy" ---Janine B., Parent of a typical preschooler.


"My son, who had a speech delay, attended DDI, Starting Early, from the time he was 2 years old until he entered kindergarten. From the first day he started I felt confident that the right choice had been made. He received the best services from such professional and caring staff that words cannot describe. I now work at Starting Early and it is my way of giving back to other children the positive learning experience that my son had when he was a student at DDI, Starting Early" ---Donna D., Parent of a Preschooler with a Disability.


"Since my child began attending DDI's Starting Early program he has become more verbal, social and outgoing. He has developed a strong sense of confidence and has benefited from the structure of learning. Choosing DDI for my son has been a positive experience. I highly recommend the program" ----Helen C., Parent of a typical preschooler.


"Good teachers not only help students with their academic activities but also mold their overall personality. My son's teacher lights up the room and I never met a more patient and positive woman" ------Stacy M., Mother of twin, Preschoolers with a Disability