Top 10 Things Emmy Has Learned This Year

(Written by her Mommy - Excerpt from communication notebook)


10.  Speaking in sentences!
9.    Potty Trained! No more diapers!
8.    New Foods! Grapes, oranges, chocolate!
7.    Using utensils! No more cave baby!
6.    Saying all of our names!
5.    Singing songs! A lot!
4.    Making Friends! (esp. her BFF) 
3.    Getting her sense of humor! Very silly girl…
2.    Tolerating Owen – no more hitting!! Owen’s head thanks you. {Owen is her brother}
1.    Saying I Love You!




“DDI has been a game changer for our family!! When our son was diagnosed with Autism, our lives suddenly became saddened with despair for his future- finding little hope for what was to become.  After researching several school options, we choose DDI because of its incredible reputation to say the least. 


Our son has been at DDI for less than two years and he has made incredible progress... because of DDI, my son now can say " I luv you, mommy!!"  Thank you DDI for all you have done, you have changed our lives for the better!!!”


~Marilyn B./Parent




“I have always thought that people come into your life for a reason. Some may stay and some may do what they are meant to do and move on. I can’t help but think about this as Vanessa prepares to graduate. The teachers and staff at YAP were brought into our family’s life to provide Vanessa with the foundation that she needed to be successful. Through their support and instruction they have given Vanessa the tools that she needs be the “kindergarten student” that we dreamed about as she entered the school.


As I reflect back to the first day of school, I remember the tears in my eyes and the fear I had because I felt she was too young and she didn’t “belong” in the school. I wondered if we were making a mistake. Today, three years later, I cannot imagine how we will ever be able to begin to thank the teachers and staff for what they have done for our family and especially Vanessa. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am proud to say that YAP was part of our village.”


~Michael and Tania V./Parents




“As peers for the Kids Helping Kids Peer Modeling Program at YAP, my daughters received an invaluable, hands-on lesson in life: we all do things differently. They did not see children with autism – they just saw friends. They created relationships that are still enjoyed to this day. Thank you for giving my girls the opportunity to grow as people and develop important friendships.”


~Teresa R./Parent of peer models




“…We will forever be grateful to The Young Autism Program. We were truly blessed the day Angelina walked through your doors…”


“…To All of the people in the DDI and YAP family who have touched our little man’s life, Thank you for helping us communicate with our little man...”


“…Our family would like to thank everyone at YAP for all your hard work and loving dedication...”


"...The quality of the education and level of family support put the Young Autism Program in a class by itself..."


~Parents/Excerpts from the 2011-2013 Dinner Dance Journals